Hard Floor Cleaning

Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners - Hard Floor Cleaning Expertise

Hard floor cleaning has never been simpler to arrange. Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners provides everything you need for cleansing any type of hard flooring – wood, vinyl, tiles, slate, stone, granite, and more! One visit is all it takes, and we’ll always have the specialist tools needed for the task at hand.

Hard Floor Cleaners Suited to Any Material

  • Specially trained hard floor cleaners armed with the latest equipment
  • Pre-cleaning for your floor is included
  • Almost any type of material can be dealt with, including careful attention for wooden floors
  • All work is fully insured and quality guaranteed
  • 24/7 support services on offer, so call whenever you need to
  • Ask for a free quote on your service now – we’re standing by and ready to help

How Your Appointment Will Work

The method we use to deliver our hard floor cleaning services is simple, effective, and guaranteed to give you the best results:

  • 1. We’ll arrive in a timely fashion and assess your flooring material
  • 2. All furniture that you haven’t had time to move will be cleared from the area
  • 3. Vacuuming ensures that no stray hairs or dust are caught in the cleaning procedure
  • 4. The most suitable cleansing agent is tested and then mechanically massaged into your floor
  • 5. For wooden floors we’ll only use the bare brush heads of the machine
  • 6. If it’s not wood, the area is then rinsed clean
  • 7. A final layer of wax, polish, or other sealant is available for application

You can use us for professional hard wood floor cleaning, as well as for a huge variety of other materials. If in doubt, just call!

Order Hard Floor Cleaning 24/7

Start your service off by getting a free, no-obligation quote, and them make your booking 24/7. You can reach us on 02034044283 or by using our booking form as you prefer.

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