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Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners - The Professional Local Choice for Oven Cleaning

No more need for harsh scrubbing and nasty chemicals, with Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners‘ oven cleaning professionals! Book a service that’s ideal for any type of domestic cooking appliance, including cookers, furnaces, AGAs, ranges, cooktops, and more – all delivered using the latest techniques, at affordable rates.

All Appliances Covered, Including Furnace Cleaning

  • Specialist over cleaners utilising the latest dip tank cleansing techniques
  • Professional disassembly ensures all corners of your appliance are treated
  • Comprehensive insurance protection for all appliances in our care
  • Make your appointment happen any day of the week, or at the weekend
  • Set your service up 24/7, with our round-the-clock phone support team
  • Get a free quote now – we’re always open and happy to take your cal!


More Details About Your Appointment

Your oven cleaning services will be delivered using the dip tank process. This means that every part which can be removed from your oven, including racks and trays, control dials, the seals, door, and sometimes more, will be disassembled and gently soaked in a bath of specially chosen solution. The effects of this solution are to allow all kinds of grime and grease to be easily wiped away from these components, while the main part of your appliance is dealt with using manual methods.
All of the solutions we use during your oven or furnace cleaning are eco-friendly, and hand-picked for their effectiveness from the highly regarded Prochem range.
Proper function tests before and after your appointment confirm the success of your service.

Book Your Oven Cleaning Now – We’re Open 24/7

Make the call whenever you need to! You can reach us on 02034044283 at any time, or choose to send us your information through our online booking form. Get your free quote first, and then confirm your booking whenever you’re ready.

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