Rug Cleaning

Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners - Your One-Stop Solution For Rug Cleaning

Perfect for all types of fabric, from modern weaves to valuable Persian, Oriental, or Turkish materials, Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners‘ rug cleaning service is always tailored to match your requirements. Whether it’s a fast-acting solution to a stain emergency, or a carefully planned cleanse for vulnerable fabric, we’ve got the specialists you need.

Rug Cleaners Working to a Guaranteed Quality Standard

  • Multiple advanced methods suitable for cleansing all types of fabric
  • Stain pre-treatment included in your service for free
  • Optional Scotchgard application for future fabric protection
  • All rug cleaners work under full insurance cover, and are thoroughly trained and vetted
  • Appointment options at the weekend and on Bank Holidays
  • Knowledge advisers ready to help you set up your service 24 hours a day
  • Free quotes provided without obligation – just call to get yours now!

More Details About the Methods We Use

We’ll usually prefer to match the type of cleansing that we deliver to the requirements of your material:

  • Dry cleaning is usually our preferred option for natural types of fabric. No water is used, so there’s no risk of shrinkage.
  • Hot water extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning, is most commonly used for artificial of synthetic fabrics.

All of the rug cleaning services we complete for you will begin with treatment for any stained areas of fabric, ensuring that we have the best chance at effecting full stain removal. We’ll also remove any furniture still in the area to protect it, though it’ll save you time on your service if you can do this first!

Order Rug Cleaning 24/7!

Set up your service without any fuss or hassle today. One call to 02034044283 is all you need – and we’re available 24/7 to take your call. Alternatively, send us your details online.

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