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One number to quickly call. All the expertise and equipment required for fast and effective window cleaning. Booking the glass cleaning you need has never been easier! Call Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners for 24/7 support now – we’re ready to send some trained professionals directly to your door.

Glass Cleaning for Any Size of Building

  • Water-fed extension poles and purified water used for standard properties
  • Streak-free finish guaranteed
  • Rope access specialists available for larger buildings
  • Convenient seven-day appointment options
  • Friendly phone support one offer every day of the week, 24 hours a day
  • A free quote on the work you want done on demand – just call and ask!

How This Service Works

For glass up to four storeys from ground level, we’ll use our water-fed extension pole equipment. This tools draws water from a tank mounted on your window cleaners’ vehicle, purifies it, and then ejects it over the window panes, sills, and seals. The purified water removes dirt and pollutants without needing any help from harsh chemicals, and can be allowed to dry naturally so you’ll never see any smears left behind. Plus it has a residual effect, keeping dirt away for a significant period after cleansing is complete.
The method means your team can stay on the ground floor, and thus you get to keep your privacy in upper floor rooms.
We can also provide rope access window cleaning expertise for taller buildings in the local area. Just give us a call if this is something you think your building will need!

Book Window Cleaning 24/7

We maintain our support options around the clock, so simply give us a call on 02034044283 or contact us online at your convenience. We’ll always provide you with a free quote before confirming your booking whenever you’re ready!

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