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Get your home looking amazing with the highest quality cleaning services WCWC has to offer. We will come fully equipped to get the job done quickly, effectively and at a price that is hard to beat.


hard floor Cleaning (1)

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning has never been simpler to arrange. Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners provides everything you need for cleansing any type of hard flooring – wood, vinyl, tiles, slate, stone, granite, and more! One visit is all it takes, and we’ll always have the specialist tools needed for the task at hand. Hard Floor Cleaners Suited to […]

one off cleaning

One Off Cleaning

There’s no contracts or demands on you, with Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners‘ one off cleaning service. Simply give us a call, tell us what you need done, and we’ll tailor the jobs completed during and the length of your appointment to match. What could be easier? One Off Cleaners With No Contracts or Commitment A friendly and […]

deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Get specialist deep cleaning for any room in your property. Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners has the heavy duty cleansing agents and specially trained team you need to deal with any situation which requires the latest detailed cleaning expertise. Detailed Cleaning Giving You Complete Flexibility Make your own decision as to the areas your deep cleaners focus on […]

mattress cleaning (1)

Mattress Cleaning

Your mattress cleaning is fast, dry, and highly effective – with Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners. We use the latest UV light equipment which takes only 15 minutes per mattress, and also eliminates pests within your bedding! Mattress Cleaners Using Specialist Tools Ultraviolet light methods kills bed bugs, dist mites, and more Powerful suction removes all debris […]

oven Cleaning (1)

Oven Cleaning

No more need for harsh scrubbing and nasty chemicals, with Wendy’s Canary Wharf Cleaners‘ oven cleaning professionals! Book a service that’s ideal for any type of domestic cooking appliance, including cookers, furnaces, AGAs, ranges, cooktops, and more – all delivered using the latest techniques, at affordable rates. All Appliances Covered, Including Furnace Cleaning Specialist over cleaners […]

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